Uncle Andy's STORY

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Uncle Andy's Awesome Sauce was created in the mountains of Virginia specifically for kickin' butt at a friend's home BBQ competition. Well, it did exactly that!

Since Andy is such a likeable fellow, loves his nephew Jack so much, and supports Jacked Up Foods and Autism Awareness, he let us use his secret recipes as long as we give him credit. No problem; done and done! Now his sauce line has expanded to include more Awesome flavors!

The one and only Uncle Andy

All-Natural         Preservative-Free 

The Zalewski Family

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Jacked Up Foods is a small, locally owned business that offers high–quality, intense flavored, all–natural products, that will arouse your taste buds and spice up everyday dishes, all while supporting Autism.

Our story begins with our son, Jack, who was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder several years ago. One of the key factors in managing this disorder is diet; his body cannot tolerate anything artificial. Despite this, Jack loves to cook, specifically mimicking the spice rubs we make for our pork BBQ and smoked beef brisket. Noticing the pure joy it gave him while doing this got us to thinking... what if there was a way to market all of our tasty creations while at the same time supporting Autism awareness, research and education? That is when Jacked Up Foods, LLC, was born!!! We use all natural ingredients; never artificially flavored, ​colored or preserved; and use homegrown chili peppers and herbs when available. We are committed to donating a portion of net profit to Autism charities. Jacked Up Foods also supports all people with special needs and disabilities and hopes that as we grow, we will be able to provide employment opportunities.

Our daughter, Aubrie, has also been a huge motivator by being incredibly supportive of her brother and JUF. She is quite the young artist and helped with the design of our logo.

We are thankful to be able to share our products with you and in turn, share the increasing awareness and acceptance of people with autism and special needs.