2018 Fredericksburg Spring Arts & Crafts Faire

The Apple House

Linden, VA

Foodway Supermarket

Bentonville, VA

OJ Rudacille Gen Mdse.

​Browntown, VA

The Giving Tree

Linden, VA

​The Made in Virginia Store

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​Uncle Andy's Awesome SAUCES

Creating the Flavors You Crave

Jacked Up Foods products feature intense flavors that conveniently leave out all of those pesky artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives.

We believe this allows the true tastes to shine through. 

The products containing hot peppers focus most on flavor rather than heat. With that said, we do offer a few products that are spicier than others.  ​These are highlighted as such. 

Uncle andy's awesome sauce and Blackberry Habanero Sauce are aLSO available at these fine retail establishments:

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VonCanon General Store
​Warrenton, VA​

  ​Olde Towne Butcher

Fredericksburg, VA

Harvest Market

Spotsylvania, VA

Red Truck Rural Bakery

​Marshall, VA